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The purpose of this 'buy, sell, or trade page' is to facilitate moving radio equipment around and putting it back into use.

To preserve it's effectiveness the following rules will apply:
1) Items will be accepted for listing during a listing period of one (1) month at which time all unsold items will be removed.
2) If a relisting is desired then the items must be resubmitted with any changes in price.
3) All items will require valid contact information either a telephone number or email address.
4) Submit ad(s) 25 words or less per item to the webmaster (email) it will then be reveiwed, possibly edited and uploaded weekly on Friday.
5) Webmaster MUST be notified (email) as soon as an item has been sold. Failure to do so may incur an inability to list in the future.

ISO 2M Yagi Antenna
Chuck WA6OEF email

ISO 2M gear for a 91 year old ham who would like to be able to get in on the local repeaters.
You can contact her at 707-995-0543
Diana KI6WFS email

TS 180S Transceiver tuner and speakers $500
Paul K@HZO email

ISO Antenna switch
Call Jay 831-251-4145

Mini Macs Macbooks $100 - $200
(2) Hitachi projectors CP-X2020 with power and VGA cords
Call Scott 707-702-1759

ISO broken amps CB amps
Contact NOEDS on Countywide, 146.775Mhz or 223.500Mhz


George K7WWA, has a Wilson SY33 ti-band antenna, does 20, 15 and 10 meters, free to a good home.
Icom IC7000 with a 7" monitor and separation kit, asking $900
George's email

Tim WB9NJS is looking for a 5 pin socket that would fit an 807 tube.
Tim's email

Misc. VHF and UHF antennas homebrew and commercial
1 2m and 1 70cm, M squared, eggbeater circularly polarlaized antennas - $250

Len WA6KLK - WA6KLK email

Heathkit demodulation probe 337C and an oscilloscope probe PK-1
MH1-B8 Mic $15

ISO Polyphase lightning arrestors Will trade a power supply or?

Assorted Resistors, Capacitors and Ammeters

ISO 200W Soldering Iron

Diawa speech processor, model RF660 - $15

Contact: Jim W6JRC, 707-272-4366